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Platfrom Beds FAQ & Tips

The miraculous powers of sleep have mesmerized mankind since times immemorial. The ingenious brain of man designed the first ever primitive 'beds' in Neolithic age 10,000 years ago. Ever since then constant revolutions have given birth to various forms and types of beds.
Back from a long tiring day, as you flop into the soft embrace of your plush mattress and snuggle under the bed covers, spreading yourself out, letting the smooth velvety bedspread caress your skin and the sweet light fragrance of freshly laundered sheets tingle your sense of smell, your aching muscles heave a sigh of relief and stressed bones get their deserving respite; you congratulate yourself upon investing your hard earned money into a worthy bed.
Talking about beds, the most contemporary model is 'platform beds' which snatches the limelight with its incredible simplicity and overwhelming utility. Caught in a mesh of curious questions about it? Not to worry, read on and clarify yours.

What is a Platform Bed?
It is a bed with a low height bed frame inspired by Asian and European influences. It sits close to the ground and is devoid of any box spring; just requires a regular mattress.

How is a Platform Bed different from others?
No bulky box springs extending till the floor, just a mattress. Thus, more space below the bed. A very low rise style of bed. Definitely more sturdy, firm and supportive for the back compared to other genres of beds. Simplicity and elegance are its key attributes.

What are the advantages of using Platform Beds?
Its lower height makes one lie closer to the ground, hence keeps one cooler in warmer months. It is easier to get in and get out than normal beds and kids would not require any stools. It adds elements of class and romance to the sleek look and neat finish of bed design. Platform Beds with underneath inbuilt storage drawers let you utilize space for storing stuffs. They are easier to clean & maintain.As they are on solid bases or flat slats, they offer more stability.

Is Platform Bed same as Futon?
No, except for a small niche style of Platform Bed which share a similar profile as Futon; most Platform Beds like sleigh beds etc differ a great deal. Many Futons do qualify as Platform Bed. Futons hold stuffed fabric mattresses on flat slat style frame; that can double up as couches. Platform Beds remain horizontal and are used with normal air or memory foam mattresses.

Do Platform Beds eliminate under-bed storage space?

No, rather inbuilt underneath drawers in most Platform Beds offer more efficient and organized storage space. Some even have mattress platforms that lift to reveal storage compartments. Raised models with legs offer a few inches of free space under bed.

Do Platform beds come with headboard or footboard?

Generally, they don't come that way. But many modern versions of Platform Beds often have a headboard included only. In rare cases especially customized editions, one may find really low heighted footboards.

What materials are used in constructing Platform Beds?

Akin to any other normal bed, Platform Beds come in various materials. Wood, metal, leather, plastic, etc. Platform Beds made of hardwoods that are harvested in Asia like teak, rubber wood and palm are common. Simply choose one that best matches the style and color of your bedroom.

Are Platform Beds costly?
Definitely not. Minus the box spring and extra beddings, they are a cheaper alternative to normal traditional beds.
Indisputably a great bargain and commendable choice of bed 'Platform Bed'!!!!!