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Poly wood is a name to reckon with outdoor furniture. They have vast experience in furnishing gardens, patios and converting them into your comfort zone. They have appointed special designers to concentrate specifically on furniture that can not only look beautiful in all weathers but have the strength to withstand all weather conditions. The material that they use in manufacturing their products are made from green environment friendly mix of high percentage of post-consumer materials. They convert landfills waste into useful material by manufacturing with it plastic furniture that will withstand all weather, whether it is ice, snow, sun, salt water or rain. 

A few of their famous collections are Classic Adirondack, South Beach Adirondack, Chippendale etc. and their furniture styles consist of all chairs or difference types and for different purposes, their chaise lounge, ottomans etc. They even manufacture swings. As they use raw material which is environment friendly, their products are recyclable and at some time they can be re-used. They are strong, durable and very easy to maintain. They are the most perfect material to be used for childrens furniture as they can withstand rough use and being kicked done by the children.

Poly-Wood furniture is not only easy to maintain but very attractive and durable. If you go through their catalogue along with the photos of their furniture you will find drawings of the same to give you an idea of what space that particular piece will occupy in your back yard. Each piece of theirs is guaranteed for quality and durability. Their orders are shipped to reach their destination in the least time as they have various ware houses scattered over the country, with inventory capable of meeting bulk orders at any moment. They will eliminate all youre worries about your backyard furniture from deteriorating.