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Robert Allen

The company has devoted and committed themselves in the art of interior design. Since more than 70 years they have provided the worlds finest fabrics. Their wide assortment of furniture collections of upholstered frames, range in various sizes and from transitional to traditional. They have a wide range of decorative fabrics and also leather. The company has been in home furnishing for many years and has converted numerous living rooms into comfort zones. The company has pioneered the broad distribution of fabric looks and has also being recognized as the van guard of innovation. They are creative with colors in fabrics. By skillfully organizing colors they have created masterpieces always staying one step ahead in innovations. 

They have always been inspired by architecture, nature, history or art and with this inspiration their designers invent new designs and styles which are always original and wear a fresh look. Today each of their brands which are well crafted and designed by professionals backed by their experience in this field for decades, stands as a leader in its respective market. It is not only their skill that has brought them recognition, but their service to the customers along with quality products has earned them trust and goodwill the world over.

The Robert Allen group has always worked hard to provide their customers much more than what they expect by always offering them a good quality collection of the most innovative fabric designs, craftsmanship and material that they can only dream of. The company possesses a network of show rooms which is spread all over the world offering their customers prompt and responsive service from specialised sales personnel. A separate department conducts research to improve the quality of the fabrics used by them, and their distribution centre is managed by professionals, who offer the customers great flexibility in the way they experience their brand.