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Sharelle Furnishings, located in Sun Valley, California has been an importer and distributor from Europe and Asia of exclusive contemporary furniture. Their vast collection of exclusively crafted furniture has since years kept abreast of the changing trends and attitudes. They have achieved this success due to perfection not only in craftsmanship and designs but also in aesthetic quality and convenience. It is their deep passion for beauty and quality that has encouraged them to offer furniture that re-defines craftsmanship and luxury. Each piece of theirs is guaranteed with durability and beauty that will last for years to come.  

The company customizes their products as per the desire of their customers by using high quality fabrics offering your various colors and styles, and promising to provide their customers, with clean lines, simplicity and a treasury of personal choices, permitting each of their customer to create a collection of their own according to their taste. Their vast warehouses stock the latest trends in modern and contemporary furniture that can redefine any home. They have a specific discount furniture warehouse that stocks modern and contemporary bedroom furniture.
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Each of their pieces of furniture goes through a strict quality control process and then it is packed according to the packaging standards. Their products are guaranteed not only against any manufacturing defect but for also durability and the raw material used. They have always kept up to their customers expectations and offered them quality products, to furnish their homes with their exclusively contemporary furnishings that they get directly from their factories in Asia and Europe. They have never delayed in delivering the products to their customers on time as each and every order is directly shipped from the source to the customers doorstep. Rarely can you find the perfect union of technical excellence in manufacturing and aesthetic class as you can in everything that bears the name Sharelle.