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Shermag a prominent figure in the design of contemporary style furniture also produces and distributes high quality residential furniture. The company holds a strong position in the North American Market. Since a decade, they have gone global with their unmatchable style and design of home furniture, to maintain their competitive position. They distribute their products through major department stores and retail outlets who are specialist in distributing furniture of high class quality. They have other channels of distribution of their product nationwide, through mass market chains. They have launch recently upholster furniture in the Canadian market.  

Some of their furnishings to be noted are upholster furniture made from bonded leather, fine leather and modern style recliners sectionals and sofas. They also range their products, budget wise depending upon the wide variety of fabrics, quality leathers, leathers and bonded leathers which are used in their furnishings. They cater to the high end as well as middle and low end class. Whatever fabrics they use their craftsman and designers make the final product in the same manner of all grades of fabric used. You wont find the slightest difference in any of them.

Each and every product of theirs is featured in various furniture catalogues which they publish and distribute at the exhibitions which they hold regularly to introduce their new collection in metropolitan city in North America. They have always maintained the quality level of their product which is easily distinguished from other manufacturer, not only due to its brand but the finish and the craftsmanship that is un-deniable. They have huge warehouses where they stock their inventory and deliver to their clients within reasonable period from the time the order is placed. Each of their product bears a guarantee and the assurance that the quality of the product will never be compromise, to keep their respect and customer relationship healthy.