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Sitcom was founded in Oakland, CA in 1991. Today it is a leading manufacturer and designer of transitional and contemporary furniture and accessories. The private owned company sells furniture which is multifunctional in aspect and is made from very high quality materials, designed by professionals using excellent craftsmanship to be perfect for any office or home. They have the capacity and the artistry to make any living space very special. It sells its product for contract market places and residences, though they were founded only about 20 years ago, today they have offices in Vietnam, China and the US; with a wide spread market all over the world. 

The company works with 30 different manufacturers spread over 5 countries, with its current strength of qualified and well trained graduates in designing, craftsmanship, marketing and sales, it has created a name in the furniture market as a leading supplier and designer in transitional and contemporary furniture. Their first product was a single folding chair which won them an award for the best designed furniture. Today the company supplies its products and designs for major retailers of life style furniture throughout the world.
Their latest achievement worth noting is the ADI Award which is a prestigious award for designers of furniture products. Lately the company has established show rooms in Miami, Atlanta and Las Vegas. Each of their products is guaranteed for quality design and material. Their products are packed and delivered right from their sources overseas with proper care and security to reach their destination on time. Their inventory, purchase, distribution and customer service is all controlled by professionals and the whole system is computerized so that even the slightest error will be avoided. It is their faithful retailers who have supported them by providing direct customer service for the products that Sitcom designs and procures for them.