Living Room Furniture Guide

Sofa Materials FAQ

A sofa is an exquisite and prominent furniture piece of the living space. Its first impression is determined by its outer material and the real test of a sofa's mettle is determined by what lies inside it. The entire inside outside package forms the crux of materials used in making a sofa. The choice of material for sofa is determined by the time that can be invested on its maintenance, budget of the buyer, style of the room, decor and mood.

Which is better, leather or fabric?

Leather and fabric both have an elegant charm of their own which is unique and sophisticated. Most leather types like semi- aniline and corrected grain are easy to keep clean.

A soft damp cloth is the only thing needed to wipe the leather surface clean. Leather is extremely durable and can last longer than a fabric for many years together. Leather has a clean, shiny, sophisticated and modern aura to itself. The budget spectrum for a leather sofa is very flexible at both the lower and higher ends.

However, the range of colors of a leather sofa is limited and leather as a material is easily susceptible to scratches, burns and pricks. Some people complain against leather being too cold to touch.

Fabric sofas have a warm, cozy and inviting look to their credit; it comes in a host of varied colors and textures to choose from. However, they are neither as easy to clean as a leather sofa nor as durable as leather. Moreover, fabric sofas can easily look outdated unless you are content with its offbeat touch.

How to care for leather?

Leather isn't a very high maintenance material. However, steer away from coming near it with a lighted cigar or sharp objects. It is highly prone to holes and scratches which wouldn't be easy to repair.

Use a soft damp rug to wipe it off clean regularly and choose apt leather polishes to renew its luster. Strictly follow the leather sofa's personalized guide book before zeroing in on polishes and cleaners.

Never let water seep into the leather pores else it may promote growth of mold and fungus. Blot out spilled liquids immediately. Keep away from pets and kids.

How to care for fabric?

Fabric is a high maintenance material. It needs weekly dusting and cleaning. One has to be careful with the vacuum - cleaner's force settings lest it ruins the structure and alignment of fibers.

Microfiber is a new revolution in the field of fabrics resulting in highly durable fabric with low upkeep. It is even stain resistant. Normal fabric is extra prone to stains hence warrants for immediate cleaning on spills, etc. Brushing fabric on a frequent basis is important for its forever smooth look.

What are the available fillings for sofa?

The materials that can be filled into sofa come in various forms and with diverse properties. Feather is the age old filling that should not be bought unless one has obsessive compulsive plumping habit.

Feather sofas are enormously heavy and require regular plumping to keep shape. Foam is a modern option that requires low maintenance.100% foam should be chosen as with natural wear/ tear it will loosen up and attain the perfect stage of cushy comfort.

Foam/fiber wrap is another interesting option. So is a sofa of simply fiber. It is light-weight and great for hectic lifestyles.  

Can I use my own fabric?

If the preferred local manufacturer of yours agrees! However, most branded ones wouldn't agree to do so.

Choosing a suitable sofa material is an engaging task, but the rewards are worth the journey. So take your step and march on!