Living Room Furniture Guide

Sofa Set Size

Ouch! That unwanted jab in your knee every time you spring up for the TV remote and the claustrophobic space between your arm chair and recliner is giving you a miserable time!

Even after splurging on a gorgeous sofa, your living room looks ill- set and misplaced. You did all your homework on the fabrics and colors but forgot about the sizes acceptable as per the proportions of your drawing room. Maybe a restart or a brush up of this guide could enlighten you on apposite sofa sizes to opt for.

Measure up your space...

Before you step out of the house to get yourself a sofa, remember to use your measuring tape and get the dimensions of the entire living room, specifically allotted space for sofa and the doorways leading to the sofa area. Just because a particular sofa makes you go nuts for it, doesn't mean it shall make its way into your living space easily. So have your figures correct and then go hunting for the right sofa.

A colossal or disproportionately large piece in a puny room would make the room small and cramped. While a small piece may make the room look larger but at the expense of compromising on the available seating space.

Lest you enjoy bumping and dashing while maneuvering across the room, do not plan on placing your sofa in the middle of a small room when you should have strictly aligned it against the wall. Working out the best suitable option in a limited range is wiser than going on an unhindered shopping spree and landing up with a totally wrong piece.

The market is flooded with sofas of various sizes that cater to the whims and fancies of many eager shoppers and live up to their expectations of style in minimum space.

Traditional sofas are the safest bet to start with and they come in a plethora of designs that fit into almost any kind of room.

Small sectional sofas are a boon to the ones yearning for large seating capacity in a tiny room. It is apt for families and those who love having loads of guests dropping by for a tete-a-tete.

In the contemporary apartment living scenarios, a love seat is a perfect option to select. They are small sofas designed to fit in two people easily. They are ideally two cushions long and have a short layout. Love seat is a good accompaniment with traditional sofa too. Love seat recliners or rockers are awesome variations up for grabs. One wouldn’t find such variety in traditional sofa.

Sleeper sofas or sofa beds that turn into a pull out bed are perfect for socialites and apartment inmates who have regular influx- out flux of guests. It is popular amongst people who have limited space for living. They serve as a love seat during the day time and fold out as bed in the night. At times sectional sofas too have pull out options.

Futons are even great for people who have frequent guests and less space. They serve the purpose of couch and bed both. Moreover one may partially recline it at different lounging angles. It is low maintenance and easy to clean.

If you are too pressed for space to the extent that sofas are out of question then you may tick chairs as an excellent substitute. Simplicity should be the element to look for when shopping for chairs for a small space.

Remember these basics and you will never be disappointed from you chosen sofa!!!!