Living Room Furniture Guide

Sofa Stains Removal

Sofa - the crown jewel of a posh living room walks away with the maximum laurels and accolades!!! The prime junction where you unwind along with your family and share a hot cup of coffee with your guests; has its own demands! Akin to the timeless gold that needs to be regular polished to retain its sheen and luster; your favorite sofa too needs regular attention and care for its long life.

  • An unwarranted soda spill there;
  • A careless tea spot here;
  • A dirty shoe mark near the arm rest;
  • An ugly food stain upon the back rest;

These tiny blots can mask the beauty of your cherished sofa and dissolve the essence of its lofty rank.

Regular cleaning and diligent maintenance is a must for its longevity. If most of your sofa and cushion covers cannot be laundered then the onerous task of keeping your sofa clean gets even more arduous. However, the silver lining to it is in the fact that- spot cleaning when done properly can erase most stains from the sofa.

To start with isolate the stain of the sofa and find out if you can reach to the backside of the fabric in the problem area. Of sofa cushion, you may be able to unfasten the cover and reach to its posterior side. Place a thickly folded microfiber towel behind the sofa stain only if you can reach it; else ignore this suggestion.

Dab a few drops of commercial upholstery stain remover on the spot and leave it soak for a minute or two. With a towel behind the stain one need not bother about the time for which it is to be soaked. Dab the stain with another microfiber towel from the front side. The objective is to make the stain lift onto the towel.

Repeat the dabbing process and abstain from scrubbing. Tough stains take 3-5 applications to come out. Ensure you dry off the area after your job is done else it will leave off an ugly water mark.

Apart from this process, as an immediate remedy to stains as soon as they pop out; prepare a solution of a neutral mild detergent and get hold of a soft rag. Dampen it in the solution and dab it on the spotted area. Keep in mind not to over wet the area and allow moisture to seep into the furniture.

Dampness is the evil that should be warded off at all costs. You could opt for the microfiber towel vanguard to be safe. Else you may pull the cover taut and try to raise it above the filling material. The aim is to keep it distant from the vulnerable materials inside. The last resort would be banking on the vacuum pump or dryer to erase all signs of moisture. Once you have wet the stain, rub the rag in gentle circular motions to lighten the stain and eventually remove it.

Opting for dry cleaning upholstery agents is any day a safer bet. Immediate stain removal action always guarantees best results. The longer a stain stays, the harder its removal procedure gets! An expensive piece of furniture like sofa needs regular care and maintenance so that it lasts long enough to deliver the value of money. Let not random spots blot out its promising future with you...