Living Room Furniture Guide

Sofas Buying Guide

The days of tacky yellow foam peeking out of your granny's sofa set and unappealing tattered covers are gone! In the flamboyant period of carefully planned interiors and sophisticated living, quality hours are spent in the mission of grabbing a good sofa...

Knowledge is empowerment! Rolling a few tips and tricks up one's sleeve would ensure that the ride through the furniture shops shall definitely end on a plush and perky sofa. The baffling world of living room furniture is always up to wooing you to the cozy recliners, luxurious recliners, soft love seats and warm couches.

 Get your needs sized up!

Listen to the mellifluous voice of your heart and let in your wise brain negotiate. Chalk out the dimensions of the area where you intend to push in a sofa. It would be painful if your dream of a long sofa would go poof and be replaced by two puny love couches. Ideally you should visit the store with your set of measurements, filter the sets and then start your selection process. Do not forget to note the dimensions of your passages and doorways lest your high end designer sofa doesn’t reach its allotted place at all.

 Materializing your choice...

Leather is a good old favorite owing to its unmatched elegance and superb durability. Fabrics allure one and all. Whatever fears and doubts used to crop up once in the minds of shoppers at the very mention of the word "fabric" have been blasted by the entry of "microfiber" fabric into the market. An excellent stain resistant material that is on its way to all sofa shoppers!

Suspend yourself securely!!

The suspension and support structure of a sofa is one of the main parameters in the selection of a proper sofa. This attribute has forever been the catalyst that constantly revolutionizes the world of sofa dynamics. The suspension systems of car seats have down the lane dictated the same in sofas.

Be it the age old eight suspension system of Cadillac that was followed by Mercedes S-coils and now most recently Ferrari's webbing mechanism. A proper and good suspension system will prevent you from hunch back and spinal problems.

The structure of the sofa is the key to its longevity and comfort. The back legs should ideally be a part of the frame or structure rather than being screwed in or attached externally.

Look inside!

A sofa reflects what it is inside. The real test of the worth of your investment is decided by the filling of your sofa. The last thing you would want to find is that you have flopped onto the loveseat and landed right on the floor. A bad filling would mean quick sagging and fast spilling out of inner coils exposing the poorly manufactured furniture. Foam is a low maintenance and high firm material.

Use only 100% high density foam as after regular use it shall relax around 20% for the comfy cushy experience. Anything lower would flop down like dead meat. Foam/fiber wrap is another low maintenance filling. Hollow fiber filling sofas are great for hypoallergenic people. It is also apt for those who prefer slightly lighter materials.

Feather was the staple filling of yesteryears but requires high maintenance as you would need to constantly plump them up akin to your pillows so that they maintain shape. Feather cushions tend to be heavy and luxurious.


Expensive upholstery, slinky design, superb filling materials; all would pale out if the essential construction of sofa isn't up to mark. Cheap craftsmanship is easy to spot with abundant shoddy staples and inadequate bracing. You know your design is right if you can see lining in your cushions. Not only does it secure your filling but it also takes off stress from the outer decorative cover.

All study and no shop trotting makes jack a bad shopper! So note down the tips and go scout for the sofa of your dreams!!!