Living Room Furniture Guide

Sofas FAQ

A Sofa walks away as the crowning glory of a living room. It is the show- stopper around which all the attention and hullabaloo revolves. The entire aura of the space is dictated by the sofa set. Many a sleepless nights and rave discussions dot up the road that leads to the perfect sofa.

Unless you are someone who brings in a new sofa every spring; you would definitely think and rethink over your final choice of sofa. Without a doubt, a sofa is a grand investment that should pay off for a long time without a hitch.

Pressurized by such high terms and conditions, a dense fog of doubts is sure to engulf any potential buyer. Here, you may find the answers to those nagging queries circling within your mind.

Which sofa style to buy?

The style, design, look and feel of a sofa should totally be in sync with the decor and color code of your room. Sofa needs to complement your room's mood and match the setting.

A flashy orange recliner in a pastel hued formal living room would feel like a peacock in the White House. To figure out the right choice, you could visit the furniture shops and click snaps of potential sofas, get back home and analyze how they would fit into the room.

What size of sofa to choose?

Before you zero in on the size of the sofa set, number of seats, types of couches, etc; get a measuring tape and note the dimensions of your entire living space, allocated space for sofa and the doorways through which the sofa components will have to be moved in order to reach the destination. It would be heart wrenching to splurge on a dear sofa set, only to have it returned as it couldn't squeeze in through the passageways.

Which material of sofa is better?

The preferred material for sofa is dependent on the kind of usage of sofa, time that can be invested on its maintenance, availability in the market, personal choice and budget. Traditional kiln dried hard wood is a timeless classic which teams up well with all decors. It has high durability.

Fabric sofas are an interesting avenue to explore, look exquisite but require high maintenance and care. Metallic sofas give a classy sleek and chic look as well as a truly contemporary feel.

Leather is another age old favorite that blends in comfortably in all kinds of settings and environments. There is a leather for every occasion. For those who would find leather too expensive to bring home, they may opt for faux leather sofas that resemble the original.

How to care for the sofa?

A sofa is a prized component of the living room that forms the basis of its charm. Whatever be its material, it needs regular care to preserve its look and glory down the time line. Weekly dusting and soft wipes is a must.

Safeguard it from the curious pets and naughty kids in your home. Be prompt in your spot removal efforts lest it blurs your beautiful sofa forever. Always use mild cleaning agents.

What should I check for in a sofa?

Do a thorough check up of the fittings, arms and legs of the sofa. Opt for a branded manufacturer or trustworthy dealer. Prefer pieces where the back legs are part of the sofa frame. Scan the surface cover for any defects. Sit on the sofa and get the feel of the back rest. Follow these tips and pick up a sofa assured of its quality standards.

How costly is a sofa?

Sofa is a large piece of furniture that does make a huge demand from your wallet. Fabric sofas like velvet couches, etc have the capability to burn a hole in your pocket. Various standards of leather are available with corresponding price tags. Generally an expensive sofa ensures its quality is equivalently high.

So after that informative viva-voce, go ahead and pour oil over the troubled waters raging in your mind with regards to the "sofa to pick" and walk out of the furniture showroom with your sofa in tow.