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Soflex Furniture

A company that has always kept pace with the changing trend in leather upholstery for modern and traditional furniture for over 25 years takes pride in standing tall today in the competitive furniture market. With their factory located in China, Soflex entered the US market just 4 years ago and established a huge warehouse in Dallas. The production is entirely done at their factory in China. The quality of material used in their factory is of high texture and durability. All customer orders are procured directly from the manufacturers in China and delivered in the US within a period of 1 to 4 days.  

Soflex has been in the leather upholstery business since 30 years and at present with their headquarters in Dallas and a strong team of professionals who are continuously searching the US market; they are in direct link with their factory overseas. It is the US headquarters that monitors the quality, design and quantity to be produced for the US market carefully. The pricing of the product is done in accordance with the demand and supply conditions so as to offer their customer a fair and reasonable price.

Their factory in Asia is a boon to them as leather is very cheaply available and labour is not highly priced. Thus their cost of production becomes much cheaper as compared to their competitors who manufacture the same product elsewhere. The company offers over 100 styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and are shipped directly from their factory in container quantities, to their Dallas warehouse from where each order is dispatched from its Soflex express quick ship program. The company having understood the US market and the consumers requirement is always a step ahead to compete with the changing trend in the quality of leather furniture and the various designs and styles that are preferred by home owners.