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Sports Fan Products

The company possesses official license to provide a wide range of home recreation, lighting, wall decor product and furniture. They also include in their inventory game room tables, billiard tables, pub tables, bar stools and accessories. Some of their products belonging to other categories are back boards, dart board cabinets, wall deco flexes. They also offer ceiling fans, game room furniture, home theatre seating and much more. They themselves are fans of sports, and they indulge specifically in a wide range of products that are related to sports furniture and fittings.  

Since 2004 they have been providing their customers with high quality, home related products adorned with their favorite team, brand or organization. They not only manufacture and design, but they develop home furnishings, indoor recreation, wall decor and other related products. They are 100% committed to providing great values, best quality products, excellent service to their customers and marketing support. With their team of young sports enthusiasts and a strong force of designers and craftsman, they have continuously been introducing innovations and new products to add fun and more functions to the game room and recreational products industry. Their dedication and commitment in this industry has earned them fame with fans of all types of sports, and their brands are accepted as a product of trust.

With a strong past behind them, their future mission is to produce still better high quality products, maintaining uniqueness and always innovating new designs and styles. They have taken a vow to always honor the commitment that they make to their customers and give full support to their industry in improving with new techniques and providing modern solutions for recreation and gaming. Giving due respect to their licensors who they represent, they will always serve their customers honorably and support their distributors and dealers to earn good returns on the investment and last but not the least contribute from their surplus, financially to humanity.