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The Tiling range of furniture adds class, style and comfort to your home. The classic designs which are state of the art are best suited for a modern day lifestyle. Made out of durable materials and a superb finish, this range caters to all your need for a wonderful home. You get an option for all types of furniture that would go well with your bedroom, study room, living room etc and every piece of this rang is painstakingly brought together by experienced and skilled craftsmen. Your hoe gets a breath of fresh hair with the addition of this rage and you get your value for money. Your home would become a comfortable place your family members as you spend quality time amidst this beautiful and dynamic furniture collection. 
Tiling Counter Height Chair
List Price: $378 Sale: $189
Tiling Counter Height Table
List Price: $798 Sale: $399
Tiling Counter Height Dining Room Set
List Price: $1318 Sale: $659