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TransDeco is a designer and manufacturer of home furnishing products and has always focused on creating quality product at reasonable prices. It has its headquarters in Chino, California. The company is growing at a great pace in designing manufacturing high quality, glass AV furniture and home interiors with beautiful and innovative designs. With glass as their main raw material, they have professional designers and artist who create versatile and functional AV furniture, both modern and contemporary, for home furnishing. Their speciality is to utilise modern techniques for their sales and distribution to reduce administrative over heads.  

Their main mission is to keep their cost of production to the minimum by utilising professional skills to avoid any wastage. Glass being brittle easily breaks during the manufacturing process. Thus high qualities of glass mixtures are used with synthetic natural to give it strength and finishing and yet have all the other qualities of glass. All the designing of their product is done with proper calculation for dimension to make their product a perfect piece for any location; each piece of furniture is joined with steel accessories which are100% rust-proof.

Each piece of furniture is designed and assembled at the manufacturing unit, from where it is packed carefully to guarantee the product being delivered in one piece to its destination. As all their furniture is made of glass and other accessories, the glass is cut with modern machines and designed to perfection and then assembled into beautiful furniture. Today TransDeco has gone global, always committed to develop more beautifully designed versatile and functional audio-video furniture along with contemporary home furniture of high quality and at a low cost to serve the customers and supply them with the best product.