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TV Lift with their 25 year long experience in manufacturing and designing furniture has created a brand name in the furniture market. Over 10 years ago, they designed the TV lift cabinet. They have always being manufacturing their furniture with traditional wood, craftsmanship and design, they still do the same, but with their vast experience in designing and with a team in excellent craftsman, they focus now on building innovating pop-up TV lifts systems. Each console they ship to their customer is designed and manufactured with absolute control on every element that goes into the consoles, including the infrared relays and the TV lift system.  

They believe in controlling each and every aspect of the creation of their consoles to provide quality and perfection to each of their customer to whom they sell their products. As the entire product is manufactured and marketed by them it is offered at a comparatively low price than you would find in any store in the entire nation. They deserve praise in offering their product at half the price as compared to the market. The quality of their products is incomparable.

They manufacture all their products with materials of the best quality and that which offers the finest finish. The type of wood they use is mahogany, cherry, oak and pine. Each product is inspected for the quality of the material and to assure them that their standards are of high grade not only for the raw material but also for the process of manufacturing, designing and crafting the entire TV lift system. Their packaging process is also controlled by specialists and the service providers will install your console exactly where you want it, with the assurance of staying with you as installed for years to come. They are proud of their potential and dedication to customer satisfaction.