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Uttermost is a wholesale provider of the most prestigious home furnishing to retailers all over the world; with their offices spread over Asia, C.A, and V.A. They have a strong team of business executives who market their products under the leadership of the company CEO Mac Cooper. Their family business comprises professional designers, sales personnel, logistics and many more. They are proud owners of a huge warehouse in Rocky Mount, VA, measuring 600,000sq.ft and the other one in C.A. It is from here, their products are outsourced to their clients spread all over the world. Every transaction of theirs is technically controlled.  

Their production unit is a huge factory in Guangxi, China with marketing and export staff well centralized in India, Indonesia and China that specifically focuses on factory compliance, product development support and quality control and for the US market they have permanent showrooms in Las Vegas, High Point, Dallas and Atlanta. These are the main physical outlets, but their latest designs and new innovations are always listed in famous magazines and reviews. The company has its own fleet of trucks that deliver goods in the US from their two warehouses, thus despatch is always on time.

The company has not only supports retail outlet over the world but their products which are designed by the well known designers of furniture today for e.g. David Frisch, Caroline Kinder and others have earned high value projects from the hospitality industry all over the globe. Working with professionals, offering timely delivery and products that are highly in demand all over the world, they have kept up to their passion and belief that they can do everything and anything to keep their customers well served, happy and in business to be always related with them in sharing name and fame in the furniture market.