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Uwharrie Chair

Uwharrie chair company manufacture chairs that are made from eco-friendly, all weather-resistant wood. They use premium grade lumber kiln dried after it has been treated. This lumber is got from the Uwharrie national forest. It is a product of pressure treated pine or also called a treated lumber. They offer great advantages over other traditional outdoor material. These materials can be painted or stained or just left natural. They are used in making landscape walks, marina docks and ski lodge decks. The company uses heavy 1 inch premium grade lumber to make its chairs, which carry a minimum life time warranty against water damage, insect infestation and rot. They are painted with latex enamel. 

Their team consists of rugged men who design and craft rugged chairs. The construction is solid and its every site is a proof of durability, class, style and comfort, all in one to be perfect furniture for outdoors. These chairs are unlike their counterparts, their traditional ones that can be painted or stained and left to fade over time. Those who wish to enhance their environment by giving it life should choose Uwharrie chairs which are painted with a splash of colors of latex enamel.

The company has a huge warehouse and its factory annexed as it manufactures various sizes and designs of lumber chair. The raw material is treated with proper care and then formed into hard wood which is used to make the chair. They are equipped with well experienced craftsman, who with their personal touch and their ingenuity, craft each and every chair to perfection till the final product is made. Apart from their standard designs they cater to customized orders for their clients. They can also cater to a theme, patio decoration or a landscape garden to provide you with unique lumbered chairs.