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Redefine your lifestyle with the addition of the Verona range of furniture. This versatile range is re-known for its quality, price and durability and as a user you get your value for money. This range uses popular building materials and a unique hardware with a great finish that has an unparalleled elegance. Your modern day living gets optimized with the Verona range that has simple lines and an understated style. It’s spectacular and diverse catalog has a wide range of furniture to choose from and there is something for everyone in it, be it for any room of your home. Dip into the pool of luxury and comfort every time you step into your home. Let spring prevail in you home always. 
Verona Bed
List Price: $1158 Sale: $579
Verona Nightstand
List Price: $618 Sale: $309
Verona Chest
List Price: $1338 Sale: $669
Verona Counter Height Chair
List Price: $538 Sale: $269
Verona Dining Table
List Price: $1198 Sale: $599
Verona Side Chair
List Price: $518 Sale: $259
Verona Counter Height Table
List Price: $1098 Sale: $549
Verona Dresser
List Price: $1378 Sale: $689
Verona Server
List Price: $1438 Sale: $719
Verona Dining Room Set
List Price: $1958 Sale: $979
Verona TV Stand
List Price: $1298 Sale: $649
Verona 3-in-1 Pack Occasional Table Set
List Price: $1058 Sale: $529
Verona Counter Height Dining Room Set
List Price: $1898 Sale: $949
Verona Bedroom Set
List Price: $2958 Sale: $1479
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