Area Rugs Buying Guide

Which Size of Area Rug to Get?

Area rugs come in incalculable sizes. A slight tweak in the length or a small yank at the width; and voila another differently sized rug to meet your requirement! The mind boggling sizes can confuse any innocuous shopper. Finding the right sized rug is important to get the final impeccable aristocratic look of any room.

Stuff in all the furniture, measure & assess!

This is the first step to determine the rug sizes you would need. Once the furniture has been shoved in and arranged right along with the wall furnishings; then you can comfortably plan which areas would need a rug shield or a rug accent. With the colors dancing before your eyes and textures merrily singing along; you would know just the aptly colored and perfectly textured rug to suit your needs.

Get a measuring tape and start noting down the dimensions and measurements. If you want to place a rug below a particular furniture arrangement then remember to measure such that all the legs or feet of the furniture either stays entirely on the rug or away from the rug.

If you want to showcase your flooring then large rugs that cover the entire floor space are not your requirement. Small rugs here and there would be apt for you as such an arrangement would impart warmth, break the monotony of flooring and impart a crackling element of spice in the decor.

Another setting is placing a small rug in the center and arranging the furniture around it. One may not find the exact rug as per the measurements taken by the person; in such a case you can easily pick up a rug that comes nearest to your required set of dimensions.

Rug size is directly affected by purpose and geometry!

If you wish to create a striking impact with your rug in the living room then a large rug with an exotic pattern could do the trick. However if you want small niches getting an identity of their own on a sprawling space then small colorful rugs can give a stylish look and achieve the objective. Everyone would appreciate the small splotches of colors on a dull single tone base.

The principles of geometry and symmetry need to be adhered to when placing rugs beneath furniture. A rug under a bed should extend on each side akin to a presentable border. A rug laid under a dining table should be big enough to accommodate the entire table and the chairs when pulled out. Thus we see functionality; object under consideration and symmetry play a basic role in deciding the rug size.

Observe the nature & shape of the space!

A rug to be laid on the stairways has to be narrow and long. Again it depends on how you want the rug to cover up the stairs; whether every inch should be covered or a thin longitudinal border is to be left.

Accordingly your runner rug's size or width shall vary. Same logic holds good when you go shopping for a single large rug for your living, dining or bedroom. Whether the entire floor will be covered or a narrow border should be left blank! Rug's dimension will vary as per the specification.

Rugs accentuate the beauty of any space as well as fulfill the practical requirements of adding a dash of warmth, color and sparkle to a space. They even absorb excess noise and soften the hard flooring. So what are you waiting for - rush & rug up your home!