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Your home becomes the talk of the town with the inclusion of the Zen range of furniture. Unique in built and design, master craftsmen work painstakingly on each piece to give you the comfort and utility that you would seek for your home in terms of furniture. The Zen range has furniture pieces that would meet the needs of every room of your home and is high on versatility and durability along with the cost. You can arrange and rearrange the furniture to suite your need, you would end up enjoying the luxury of the coast blended with the sophistication of the tropics. Indulge in the comfort and luxury of this heart winning collection. It would indeed become your most prized asset.
Zen Occasional Table Set
List Price: $1338 Sale: $669
Zen 3-in-1 Pack Occasional Table Set
List Price: $1018 Sale: $509
Zen Sofa Table
List Price: $498 Sale: $249